Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Exciting News!

Hello fellow bloggers! I have some exciting news for you.

For the past two years, I've shared my life and interests here at Chasing Birdies. And as I pointed out in my post about graduation, I've been through quite a lot in that time. However, graduation feels like the end of an era to me. I believe it's time for me to put this blog behind me and start a new one, just as I will be starting a new chapter in my life when I begin college next month.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, first of all, I will not be deleting this blog. I'm going to keep it here in my little corner of the internet so that I can look back on it as a reminder of everything I've been through. I will not, however, be posting here anymore after the launch of my new blog.

If you'd like to follow me as I begin my journey as a college freshman, you will have to follow my new blog (which will launch in August). I'm going to refrain from sharing too much about it right now, but I will say that I've spent a lot of time putting together a fresh, new layout and design that I hope you will love.

I will share one thing about my new blog today; I have decided it will be too difficult for me to manage sponsors and the promotion of other blogs while I'm in college (at least for right now). BUT never fear, I will be doing free swaps with other bloggers so that I can make new blog friends and we can share each others' ads on our sidebars. I hope you decide to swap with me... I would love to have you!

Stick around, folks. The announcement and launch of my new blog will be coming soon!


  1. Shelby!

    That is super exciting. And I want you to know, but not scare you, you will be super busy during college, that swapping is the way to go. :) Some weeks you will have no time at all to post, yet alone hardly anytime to sleep. Let me know if you want any more tips about college or packing! I'm a senior now and am a pro packer.

    Words as Palindromes

  2. congrats on being a college freshman and exciting to move to a new blog- i actually did the same thing then realized I really loved the blog I was originally at, so explore, write and enjoy!

  3. Hey Shelby!

    This is awesome! I feel like when I went to college, my blogging changed. Mostly because of the lack of time. Then I realized that my old blog didn't feel like me anymore and I decided to start fresh. It's awesome how blogs can be flexible and go with what's going on in life. Congrats on your decision! And I can't wait to see the new blog :)

    xo, gina

  4. Yay!! New blog! Cannot wait to read it"!


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